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Private rental

House Christine Altenberger
Bahnhofstraße 2

A-5724 Stuhlfelden


Tel: +43-699-1838 6220


Our house is situated in the heart of the beautiful Stuhlfelden SalzburgerLand. Our central location every enthusiastic walkers (many hiking opportunities in the city), skiers and snowboarders (ski pass Thurn 5 km proximity) as well as all the rest.

We have double rooms with shower / WC, TV, internet access and balcony. Furthermore, we have a separate TV room and breakfast for our guests as well as a playground for our young visitors. Pets are welcome and for all cyclists or motorcyclists, we also have a secure parking for your bikes.

In the spring, summer and autumn there are numerous opportunities for half and full day excursions in the surrounding area.
We have the following rooms:

5 double rooms

All rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, TV, partial balcony and internet access. 


Summer Prices 2022
: 28,-- Euro

Winter prices 2022/23: 33,-- Euro

The prices are per person and day including breakfast

(Tea, coffee, homemade jam, sausages and many other goodies)
The purchase for a single room is 10,-- Euros per day.


We have following children reductions in parents' room:

0 - 2 years: free

3-6 years: 50% discount

7-15 years 30% discount


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